Nanjing Xinjiekou Offiffiffice
Add:11&12F Kingsley International Tower, 169 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing, China


Nanjing Hexi Business District Offiffiffice
Add:4F, Building 5, Xincheng Science & Technology Park, No.69 Aoti Avenue, Nanjing, China.


Suzhou Offiffiffice
Add:1001,West Tower, China Overseas Fortune Centre, No.9 Suzhou Avenue, SIP, China



Banking & Finance


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  Banking & fifinance legal service is the core practice fifield in G&D. With transformation and upgrading of China’s economic andincreasing intensity of fifinancial supervision, banks and other fifinancial institutions have more and more demand forcreative

  and strategic fifinancial legal services. Our banking & fifinance professional team has a highly specialized knowledge and rich

  practical experience in the fifield of fifinance. It can keep abreast of the latest developments of Chinese laws, changes in marketand clients’ needs timely, and meet the demands of clients in a way of more levels and wider ranges. G&D maintains good cooperative relations with many domestic banks, asset management companies, guarantee companies, leasing companies

  and other fifinancial institutions. Our legal services cover many fifinancial areas, i.e. providing litigation and non-litigation legal

  services, syndicated loans, cross-border linkage fifinancing portfolio, corporate trade fifinancing, debt restructuring, commodity

  fifinancing, credit asset securitization, fifinancial derivatives, internet fifinance,etc.. Our lawyers have made outstanding

  achievements in fifinancial lawsuits. It has dealt with disputes on behalf of many well-known fifinancial institutions and enter

  prises, safeguarding the rights and interests of customers in accordance with the law, and achieved good results.