Nanjing Xinjiekou Offiffiffice
Add:11&12F Kingsley International Tower, 169 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing, China


Nanjing Hexi Business District Offiffiffice
Add:4F, Building 5, Xincheng Science & Technology Park, No.69 Aoti Avenue, Nanjing, China.


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International Legal Services


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  G&D has a group of professional lawyers who have studied in common law countries or have working experience in overseas

law fifirms. We are confifident to break the gap between cultural difffferences and knowledge backgrounds through international

collaboration with good foreign language communication skills. By accurate ly integrate the legal environment and the cultural

background, we can provide our clients with professional and authentic international legal services. Several of our lawyers were

selected by the Ministry of Justice as “National Thousand Foreign-related Lawyers” and Jiangsu Provincial Foreign-related

Lawyers. We always focused on the training and reserving of foreign-related legal talents. In addition, we have built up

extensive cooperation relationships with law fifirms, accounting fifirms in a number of major jurisdictions including Hong Kong,

Taiwan, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, US, Singapore, Thailand etc., which makes us capable to support our clients

both locally and internationally. Our international legal service team are especially profificient in interna tional trade practices.

They have provided legal services to a number of provincial-level state-owned foreign trade groups and large enterprises, and

have participated in the handling of many major international trade cases. At the same time, our team also provides clients with

comprehensive and high-quality cross-border invest ment legal services, providing legal support for cross-border business

activities of Chinese and foreign compa nies. The investment projects we have participated include electricity, chemicals, solar

energy, natural resources and many other industrial fifields.