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Finance and banking are not only the primary practice area but also the most successful practice of G&D. Over many years, we has maintained good cooperation relationships with a number of banks, asset management companies, leasing companies and other financial institutions located in Jiangsu Province and provided legal advices for many large finance projects in a wide range of industries including energy, electricity, real estate, port, road, bridge and other infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. With their extensive expertise and experience, our lawyers team has been highly recognized in finance and banking arena in Jiangsu Province.


Our practice in this area includes:
 Secured loans, acquisition loans and syndicated loans;
 Project finance and finance lease;
 Credit asset securitization;
 Medium term notes and short term debt instruments;
 Financial derivatives;
 Import and export credit, bank guarantee and letter of credit.

Office Address:

No.11, 12th floor, jinsili international

building, 169 hanzhong road, nanjing.

Tel:(8625)8471 5285 

Fax:(8625)8470 3306

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