Merger, Acquisition & Reorganization

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G&D is one of the first law firms in Jiangsu Province to advise foreign investors on acquisition of domestic companies and has gained extensive experience in corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Our practice in this area has involved a wide range of industries including infrastructure, energy, real estate, food, machinery, medical equipment, retail and high technology.


Our practice in this area includes:
 Design of merger, acquisition and reorganization structure;
 Acquisition of equity interests or assets;
 Corporate merger and division;
 Equity Investment;
 Legal due diligence and preparation of legal documents.

Office Address:

No.11, 12th floor, jinsili international

building, 169 hanzhong road, nanjing.

Tel:(8625)8471 5285 

Fax:(8625)8470 3306

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