Nanjing Xinjiekou Offiffiffice
Add:11&12F Kingsley International Tower, 169 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing, China


Nanjing Hexi Business District Offiffiffice
Add:4F, Building 5, Xincheng Science & Technology Park, No.69 Aoti Avenue, Nanjing, China.


Suzhou Offiffiffice
Add:1001,West Tower, China Overseas Fortune Centre, No.9 Suzhou Avenue, SIP, China



Government Legal Services


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  Government legal business is the dominant business of G&D Law Firm. Our lawyers help government departments to achieve legal procedures and content compliance in administrative decision-making, social and public affairs management activities, government procurement, and government investment to avoid legal disputes. The government legal business of this firm mainly includes: providing administrative consultation for major decision-making of government departments, doing a good legitimacy review, and formulating decision-making plans; conducting legal risk assessments of major government projects, forming "pre-prevention, comprehensive control during the event, and after-event" Timely remedy "government legal affairs risk prevention mechanism. The government legal business of this firm also includes: drafting, revising, and reviewing contracts (agreements) signed in the name of the government and other relevant legal practice documents; assisting government departments in coordinating and handling civil disputes in a non-litigation manner; acting for government agencies in administrative and civil litigation; Providing relevant legal information to the government; assisting the government to strengthen the management of legal practice teams; assisting the government in educating citizens on law, etc., and has very rich experience in handling major public emergencies.