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Insurance Legal Services


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    Legal services in the insurance sector is one of G&D's traditional core practice area and is at the

   leading level in Jiangsu Province. G&D has established long-term good cooperative relations

  with a number of property insurance and life insurance companies and domestic and foreign

  insurance companies. We provide insurance companies with insurance compliance review,

  insurance product design, insurance dispute resolution, insurance fund utilization, innovative

  insurance product research, major project negotiations, drafting and review of various instru

  ment clauses, legal consultation, legal training and other professional legal services. G&D

  adheres to the professionalization of insurance legal services while explores and attempts in

  many aspects of insurance law in both theory and practice. We maintain close communication

  with the China Insurance Law Society, the Jiangsu Insurance Industry Association, and the

  insurance regulatory authorities. G&D is the only law fifirm director unit of the Jiangsu Insurance

  Association. Our insurance legal service team has handled more than a thousand cases each

  year, and the insurance lawsuit case was selected as a communique case of the Jiangsu Higher

  People's Court.