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G&D has a strict recruiting policy targeting the best legal talents. All of our lawyers came from top law schools. A large percentage of them have master degrees and a few even have doctorate degrees. In addition, some of our lawyers have also earned law degrees from law schools in US, UK and Australia and several are qualified to practice law in some foreign jurisdictions like New York, California and UK.

In order to maintain our lawyers’ practice skills at a high level, we have established a training, assessment and promotion system, under which our lawyers are trained and assessed periodically and are promoted based on their competence. We often invite some law professors, judges and governmental officials to give lectures to our lawyers and hold seminars on practical legal issues with some big companies and industry associations. Our lawyers are required to periodically compile and deliver legal updates to our clients to keep them informed of most updated legal information. We also encourage and provide funds to our lawyers to explore legal issues at the forefront and to publish legal papers.

Our policy ensures that we have a highly qualified lawyers team to provide valuable and cost-effective legal services to our clients.

Office Address:

No.11, 12th floor, jinsili international

building, 169 hanzhong road, nanjing.

Tel:(8625)8471 5285 

Fax:(8625)8470 3306

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