Nanjing Xinjiekou Offiffiffice
Add:11&12F Kingsley International Tower, 169 Hanzhong Rd., Nanjing, China


Nanjing Hexi Business District Offiffiffice
Add:4F, Building 5, Xincheng Science & Technology Park, No.69 Aoti Avenue, Nanjing, China.


Suzhou Offiffiffice
Add:1001,West Tower, China Overseas Fortune Centre, No.9 Suzhou Avenue, SIP, China




Looking to the future and building a "Legal Service Smart Industrial Park"

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  The firm has 98 party member lawyers, and the proportion of party members is higher than the average level of the province's lawyer industry. Our firm has always attached great importance to the party building work, and as early as 2009, the content of the party organization leader should be a member of the firm's management committee was written into the articles of association. Over the years, our firm has insisted on building with the party's leadership and promotes party building with what it has built. The party and the building are effectively combined. Because of our excellent party building work, it has been established by the Ministry of Justice as a model for "lawyer industry to create first" and has been awarded the title of "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Mr. Xue Jimin, the chief partner of the firm, was also honorably elected as the sole representative of the Nineteenth National Congress of the National Lawyer Industry. In the new era, the firm's theme is to turn on the "red engine" and cast the "red brand", inject "red genes" into the building and lead the political direction; start the "red engine" and strengthen its mission; consolidate the "red foundation Cultivate reserve talents; infiltrate the "red feelings" and condense the driving force for development. Continuously optimize the construction of the party organization, continuously strengthen the role of the party organization in leading the development of the party and the exemplary pioneering role of party members, continuously improve the cohesion of the grass-roots party organization and the role of battle fortress, and create a distinctive and effective red party building brand. Persist in putting political construction first, do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind, educate and guide all party members to always keep in mind the original mission of the Chinese Communists to "work for the Chinese people's happiness and rejuvenate the Chinese nation", and continue to inspire the enthusiasm of the party members and lawyers for innovation and development , Striving to open up a new era of high-quality development of Jiangsu Xingao's law firm, and more consciously provide more high-quality and efficient legal services for the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.

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