The Firm Holding 2012 Summary and Commendation Conference

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On Jan. 24th, 2013, 2012 Summary and Commendation Conference of our firm was held on the fifth floor of Insurance Mansion, and the chief partner Mr.Guo Shaowei made 2012 annual summary report.

2012 is a soaring year for G&D as it obtained remarkable achievements in the year. In 2012, the firm achieved business revenue of more than RMB 40 million, which is a new high in its history and the second place among the industry in Jiangsu. We successfully handled Nanjing’s largest bankrupt case—Huafei bankruptcy. We also directly participated in one of "Three Great Events" of Jiangsu and Nanjing as exclusive legal counsel of 2013 Asian Youth Games and the first legal counsel of 2014 Youth Olympic Games. G&D was rated as "Famous Brand in Jiangsu Service Industry", which is the second firm that obtained the laurel in Jiangsu.

At the meeting, business executive director and lawyer Yan Tianhuai, finance executive director and lawyer Yin Yuehong, administration executive director and lawyer Chi Guirong from our Management Committee and party branch secretary Song Hui gave speeches and planned the work of the following year. We believe that we will witness greater development under the guidance of our partners!

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