Chief partner Mr. Guo Shaowei attended the first meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation
On December 9th, lawyer Guo Shaowei, chief partner of our firm attended the first meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation. Yang Xinli, member of Standing Committee of 
Chief partner Mr. Guo Shaowei was elected to be member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation
On December 8th and 9th, the plenary meeting of the 11th Committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation was held in Nanjing. The meeting reviewed the work and experience o fthe federation in the past five
Entrepreneurs and professors from EDP class of Nanjing University visited our firm for communication
On Nov. 15th, partner Chi Guirong received a delegation of entrepreneurs and professors from the EDP class of Nanjing University and held a intercommunication between the lawyers and the entrepreneurs
Lawyer Huang Hongkou was hired as a supervisor of Jiangsu Fire Station
On Oct. 22nd, Jiangsu Fire Station held a ceremony hiring twenty-eight supervisors. Political commissar, major general ChenYixin issued the letter of appointment and the vice political commissar,senio
Chief partner Guo Shaowei was elected to be executive member of the council of Jiangsu Bar Association
On Sep. 23rd and 24th, chief partner of our firm Guo Shaowei attended the 8th Jiangsu Lawyer Congress. LiXiaomin, member of standing committee of Provincial Committee and the secretary of the Politics
Officers from NYOGOC visited our firm for communication
On Sep. 12th, partner Guo Shaowei, Song Hui, Huang Hongkou, lawyer Zhang Yukun, Zhao Ji and Wang Jian received a delegation of NYOGO Cofficers. The leader of the delegation praised our firm for
Partners from P.C. WOO & Co. visited our firm for communication
On Sep. 4th, 2013, Partner Lin Yueming and Lai XIanrong from P.C. WOO & Co. visited our firm for communication. Partner YanTianhuai and Li Qiang received them. The two parties discussed on how to prom
The sub-institute of Jiangsu Bar Association and our firm jointly organize a training on private lending
On Aug. 23rd, 2013, in order to comprehensively understand the spirit of the trail guidance on private lending discussed on the 10th judicial committee of Jiangsu High People’s court and to improve th
NYOGOC and NAYGOC sent a testimonial about our firm to the Justice Department and Bar Association
Recently, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organization Committee and Nanjing Asian Youth Games Organization Committee wrote a testimonial about the achievements of our firm in the consultancy of NanjingYo
G&D law firm received the summer camp of International Legal Culture Exchange organized by NJNU
On Aug. 14, Partner SongHui, Lawyer Zhang Tiange and Zhao Jiao four law firm received a delegation of teachers and students of the 2013 Summer Camp on International Legal Culture Exchange which was
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